Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Goodreads Awards Challenge 2016

The challenge is to read as many 2015 Goodreads Awards nominees as you can and I sure-as-heck am joining. The 2015 awards was a sad event for me. Out of all the books nominated, I have only read more or less five. How fun is that? So this challenge is pretty much perfect for catching up on the books everyone else is loving aka 2015 books that I marked as to-read who knows how long ago but still didn't pick up when they finally came out.


1. Choose one or more awards categories to conquer.

My categories: Best Fantasy, Best Graphic Novels & Comics, Best Debut Goodreads Author, Best Young Adult Fiction, and Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction

See all the categories and nominees HERE.

2. Within the categories, there are different tiers. Choose which one you’d like to aim for. You can change this at any time.

Tier 1: 1-2 books
Tier 2: 3-5 books
Tier 3: 6-8 books
Tier 4: 9-10 books
Bonus: Crackers Challenge (11+ books)

3. You don’t have to choose the same tier throughout multiple categories. For example, you could aim for Tier 1 (1-2 books) within Historical Fiction, and Tier 4 (9-10 books) for YA Fiction.

My goals:
Best Fantasy - Tier 2: 3-5 books
Best Graphic Novels & Comics - Tier 2: 3-5 books
Best Debut Goodreads Author - Tier 2: 3-5 books
Best Young Adult Fiction - Tier 3: 6-8 books
Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction - Tier 4: 9-10 books

4. Some nominees are sequels. This isn’t a problem. If you haven’t started the series yet, then you can read the first book. If you are in the middle of a series, however, I suggest you get reading. If you quit the series and have no plans to continue, you can count the last book that you read.

5. DNFs count. I’m not going to force you to read anything you don’t want to. So tick that box!

Head over HERE for further details and to sign-up (if you're interested).

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