Friday, October 2, 2015

Q4 Review Pile Reading Challenge

I only joined two reading challenges this year. I'm already done with one of them so I decided to try another! Rachel @ Fiktshun is currently hosting a Review Pile Reading Challenge which I think is pretty much perfect. I have huge pile of books I need to review and joining this challenge will make me more determined on tackling them.

The challenge runs from October 1 to December 31, 2015. Sign-ups will be open until December 1. If you're interested in joining, go HERE for more details.

I'm going to be super busy from October to December so I have no idea how many review books in three months I'll be able to fit in this challenge but, nevertheless, I'm gonna go with the Rockstar level (9-16).

I'm including a tentative list of books I'll be reading for each month in this post to make it easier for me to keep track. It'll also make me more determined to pick that specific title up.







This is still subject to change since I've never been known to stick to my TBR but I'm hitting two birds with one stone here so wish me luck :)

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