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SERIES REVIEW: Superlatives by Jennifer Echols

by Jennifer Echols
Published: May 20, 2014

Biggest Flirts
"Tia and Will’s lives get flipped upside down when they’re voted Yearbook’s Biggest Flirts in this sassy novel from the author of Endless Summer and The One That I Want."
2 stars

Sometimes I like Tia. I like her friends. I love Sawyer. So there are some things in this book that I liked individually but put together, I don't get it. I don't get Will's behavior most of the time and I didn't find that supposed chemistry between him and Tia. They were, after all, voted the Biggest Flirts of the senior class. But I am still excited for the other books in this series mostly because of Sawyer.

Perfect Couple
"In this second book in The Superlatives trilogy from Endless Summer author Jennifer Echols, Harper and Brody think they’re an unlikely match—but the senior class says they belong together.
1 star

Ah.. don't like Harper after all. She's one of Tia's friends that I said I liked before. And the romance, ugh. She develops a huge crush on Brody right after they were announced Perfect Couple that Never Was and she "wonders why". Because it is impossible for star football player to fall for nerdy her. Talk about a cliche. And of course, she has a boyfriend that is her true perfect match and Brody has a girlfriend. Everyone is wrong. So what does she do? She lets her inner hotness come out. FOR BRODY. And suddenly she notices her boyfriend is a jerk and not so perfect anymore.

Most Likely to Succeed
"In this sexy conclusion to The Superlatives trilogy from Endless Summer author Jennifer Echols, Sawyer and Kaye might just be perfect for each other—if only they could admit it."
2 stars

I should be disappointed but I'm honestly not, considering my thoughts on the previous books in this series. I love Sawyer still. That hasn't changed. He is amazing. The rest of the book is pretty weak though. I guess part of it is due to the fact that the scenes were so abrupt. I mean, how can you feel the moment if it happens so fast? And there is no chemistry between Kaye and Sawyer. Which is weird because I loved them both and got really excited when I read Biggest Flirts.

Kaye is whiny. The problem with her is she doesn't LISTEN. There is a big, big difference between hearing and listening. She blames her mom for driving Sawyer away when, in fact, it's her fault. Her mom's mean, sure, whatever. But when it actually comes to Sawyer, Kaye's form of caring for him comes off as really condescending and she wonders why Sawyer would suddenly get mad when she says something!

And WHAT THE FCK IS THAT ENDING? Is that how an issue is resolved? They don't see or talk to each other for a day after a fight and Kaye cries the whole time. The next time they see each other they hug. Problem solved. Then the book ends. Ummm. It caught me off guard because, again, super abrupt.

I have two words to sum this up. NOTHING. HAPPENS.

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