Saturday, August 8, 2015

Me and My Bookshelf (33): A Slightly Bigger July Book Haul

This is where I feature the books I received, bought, gifted or won that are recently added to my physical shelf, which means no e-books and the like, and recount epic book hauling stories. It is usually posted on Saturdays.

I got so many books this month I kind of forgot what they were or even where they all are. Since I don’t have any shelf to put them I just put them back in their packaging and stash them anywhere I have space, which meant I had to go hunt for them before I made this post. Fun times.

OKAY. So I have way more books than last month’s haul. Yes, I spent WAY more than my limit but 20 books for less than $45? Oh yeah. I am a bargain shopper. The only book in this haul I bought in its original price is Ruin and Rising. I love buying and collecting books and if I don’t take the chance of buying them when they’re cheap, you’re going to find me begging on the street for more books. I mean... food.

I got Ruin and Rising and 99 Days signed when the authors came here in our country. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see them personally because I live so far away from the venue but a friend had it signed for me which is awesome. It came with cool bookmarks and an EpicReads magazine, too!

I bought these hardcovers for around $3 each. I already have Monsters of Men but it was an old library copy and it's pretty beaten up so I got a brand new one when I found it for a really cheap price. I will probably unhaul the first one so be sure to check out my Books For Sale/Trade page if you're interested.

I initially didn't plan on buying these books but then I saw Northern Lights for, like, less than a dollar and I remembered seeing The Amber Spyglass and The Subtle Knife a few days before that, each on a different branch of the same bookstore in my city so of course I'm getting them all. When I got to the last store I found out someone already bought The Subtle Knife. Like, WHY DIDN'T I BUY IT WHILE I HAD IT IN MY HANDS?

Unspoken is one of my MOST FAVORITE BOOK of 2013 (review HERE) and it's in my to-own-in-hardcover list because the hardcover is GORGEOUS.

I already have three of the books in the Wheel of Time series but I couldn’t remember what they were. I learned my lesson with The Subtle Knife and I wasn't about to let these two go when they're only $2 each so I bought it and hoped I didn't own them yet.

I also found Alpha and Tweak for less than $1 each. I love Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series and I can't wait to read her other books. Alpha is, guess what, the LAST book in the Shifters series but that is the only one in the store so.. *shrug*

And the spine is so pretty!

The first ever Stephen King book I own. I have yet to read any book by him and it WILL happen. As soon as I finish this madness that is my life right now. That book is HUGE. It will require plenty of reading time.

The cheapest of them all. It's $1 for both. I actually have no idea if these books are any good but I've heard really good things about Jojo Moyes' Me Before You so why not? And I picked up The Dog just because it was told in the dog's perspective. Piques your interest, doesn't it?

And these I traded to one of the books I have an extra copy of. There was a bit of confusion - I was expecting Everbound but I got Everneath instead. Anyway, Everbound is on its way and since the person I traded with doesn't want me to return Everneath, I have now two copies of the book.

Lastly, I got Uglies by Scott Westerfeld so now I have the first two books! I'll wait until I have the last two and then marathon it.

And... I forgot about Small Steps by Louis Sachar. I read Holes earlier this year and liked it. My sister REALLY liked it. This cover doesn't match my copy of Holes but it's $1 so come on.

Well, that is all for my July haul (eventhough it's actually August now). I just realized how long this post is. Don't mind my rambling. Share the books you got this week, today or even last month in the comments below!

Happy reading!


  1. Who could pass up deals like that? I couldn't either! Congrats on all the great books!

  2. I'm just like you, its hard for me to resist any kind of clearance books! And with all of these awesome finds, its about time that you get a shelf!! Imagine how beautifully they would be displayed!

    I haven't heard of too many of these books, for example the Philip Pullman books, or even the Robert Jordan. The covers look interesting, but haven't heard a thing about I the one living under a rock!?

    Awesome haul! And thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog, Turning Pages Co!


    1. Right? If only I have enough space for a new shelf :(

      Northern Lights by Philip Pullman is where The Golden Compass movie is based on, if you're familiar with that :D

  3. Oh my goodness, so many pretties! I like that you give yourself a limit every month... I think I may need to start doing that, haha!

    I also love Rachel Vincent! :D Her Soul screamers series is great, though I still need to read the last book in the series. I've also read her Shifter series which is amazing! You'll definitely need to get the other books in the series as well!! I still need to read Alpha, too. Too many series, too little time!

    1. Haha.. RIGHT? Ohmygosh you should go read With All My Soul stat. And you have to prepare your feels. I'm so excited to start her other series!

  4. Oh my God! You have so many books this month. I just got 4 and it's the biggest haul I ever got with i's original price. Enjoy reading them soon! :)

    1. What can I do? I'm a hoarder :) And it helps that most of these are cheap. Thanks, Yani.


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