Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 1

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*Beware: rambling ensues.

Whenever my high school batchmates, aka "the loquacious", get together there is the usual catching up and the talking over each other you can't follow what everyone is saying anymore as the discussion heats up until one or two or more would eventually look at each other, laugh, and say, "Holy crap, it's like high school once again." And the better part of the day will always, always be spent talking about practically all the TV series or movies ever made.

A few weeks ago a dozen of us went to a friend's house to eat (since it was their town's festival) and to another for movies and drinks. It eventually came to that "part". It started with the new releases - Avengers, Cinderella (which almost everyone did not like) - to Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies versus the books, watching movies on the big screen versus at home with subtitles and earphones on, to TV series that kills someone who are starting to become strong characters (The Walking Dead), from Friends to How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock to Elementary, Once Upon a Time to Grimm (it's best if I stop right here), movie news and updates and of course, Game of Thrones. This is where I shut up. Because up until that day, I still haven't seen the TV show nor have I read the books. I've been restraining myself because I wanted to read the books first although honestly, I had no idea when that would happen. One of my classmates said she most probably would not read them anymore because she feels she would be disappointed now that she'd seen the adaptation. I couldn't take it anymore. Two days after that get-together, I CAVED.

Funny how this whole time I thought the book series is called A Game of Thrones and the first book is A Song of Fire and Ice. See how well informed I am of anything about it? Anyway, WOW. It didn't take a lot to make me addicted to it. First episode and I already have a hate list. A death list and a list of characters I like, too, but the hate list is more attention-seeking. The pacing, the way the story was told... brilliant. Every episode or instance brings a slew of questions that would keep you going throughout the series not to mention all that blood and gore. It also has an impressive set of strong female characters, old or young, heroine or villain, that does not only exist in season one.

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Also, dragons. And a flood of emotions.

A few episodes into season one and I came to a decision: I am still going to read the books. I WANT TO READ THE BOOKS. Watching the show made me want to experience its complexity. I want more details. When? Heck if I know. I don't own the books yet and my TBR is currently kicking my ass so... But it will happen. Before that, though, let me continue on to Season 2.


  1. Totally agree, including wanting to wait to read the books first. I ended up watching first. And, loved it. I started reading book one and found differences. Not bad. But different and enough to confuse me with which is book version and tv version. So, opted to hold off on books until after tv series ends. I like the book though because it is more rich with details. It will be a treat to read the series after when suffering from the tv series withdrawal.

    1. I will most probably read the books after the TV series is over as well. And the details is mainly the reason why I still want to read the books :)


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