Friday, April 3, 2015


It's finally summer! Has been for a few weeks now but I just got the time to get out of my reading nook where I refused to be disturbed and say hello to the blogging world once again. It's one of the many things I plan to do this summer.

And here are some, or all, of them:

1) Catch up on sleep - DONE

March consisted of a lot of sleepless nights. I'm pretty sure the weeks leading up to finals were fueled by only 2 or 3 hours of sleep almost everyday. The night before I had to hand over my last paper for the school year I decided to take an hour nap around midnight before I finish my research since my head was about to explode. The next thing I know my mom was in my room, freaking out, saying my laptop and pocket wifi were overcharged. I learned it was already seven in the morning. Seven! And my paper was due at noon. I resumed my work immediately even though I'm still in my school uniform I wore the previous day but I'm pretty sure seven hours of sleep can be considered as "catching up".

2) Catch up on my reading - DONE

I only read four books last month while school was still on but ever since it officially ended I was able to read plenty. So far I read six and am halfway through my seventh. I also plan to finish a few books that I started a while back but haven't got the heart to pick up again because of time restrictions but my current reading pace is great so I believe I've already caught up. Now to hoping it stays this way for the rest of summer :) Check out my March wrap-up HERE.

3) Clean and reorganize my book shelves - DONE

It took me an entire day to do this. Besides clean my shelf I also have to find a place and organize all the books that I've recently acquired. All of them were just crammed in a corner and still inside their packages from when I got them in the mail while I was preoccupied with school so I had to do a lot of unwrapping right then but I sorted them all out in the end. It was a tiring but happy day. Except I got sick the day after because I am sensitive to even a little dust. Damn allergies.

Check out this year's hauls!

4) Catch up on blogging - SOON

Now, actually. I plan to start this now. I've had my week of blissfulness with my books around me. It's time I focus some of my attention to my second baby, my blog. I have a list of things I want to post. All that's left to do is, well, start doing them.

5) Write more reviews.

Also a part of blogging but in itself is important. I have piles of review copies waiting for me to read them which I intend to do soon. I have drafted several reviews of books I've recently read but none of them were review copies. Still, it's progress.

6) Find a job.

This is of utmost importance. How am I to buy more books if I'm broke? Kidding! Mostly. But I really do need to find a job so I can at least have some money I can add into my savings account.

7) Travel.

I really, really hope this happens. Of all the times I've traveled, I can't remember much of those actually happened during the summer. It's ironic. The best time to travel and roam around and I find myself stuck in one place. I did a lot of traveling last year but only once in summer. My 2014 travel highlight happened on November. It was a 2-day trip during the weekend and I still had classes to go back to but I had a fantastic time!

This time I plan to go to a neighboring island not far from our place you can practically see it from the shore. My sister and her friend went there on a holiday while I was busy in a festival, eating my heart out at a friend's house :) I saw the pictures they took and the beach is so beautiful. What's more? It's secluded but anyone who passes are free to swim there if they like. I guess there aren't that many tourists who go there which is more preferable, in my opinion.

They actually just found that beach on accident. The main reason my sister wanted to visit was because of this:

She was on her way home from our town house when she saw a windmill on said neighboring island while passing through the highway beside a beach. I guess she can't believe there are windmills there and made another spontaneous trip to check it out.

Well, that pretty much makes up my summer to-do list. I'm sure one or more will be added here but these are all I can think of for now. Let's rock this!

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