Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From Page to Film: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

I finally saw the Fifty Shades movie and you know what? I ended up really enjoying it. Before I further discuss my feelings towards the movie I just want to say that I hated the book and had no intention of watching the film. It wasn't because I found the topic inappropriate or something like that. I always get into books with an open mind so, no. The main reason is I found the writing horrible and I've wanted to head kick the main character since page one.

But ever since I saw Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding I thought there might be something in the movie that's worth watching.

Music Video comments: I really liked the transition between the movie clips and the dance and I think the song fits the movie perfectly. It brings out feelings and it made me think that the movie may have focused more on the story as a whole and will most likely turn out differently from the book that is in Ana's perspective which I wasn't a big fan of. So I've gone ahead and watched it.

Fair warning: plenty of things you might consider spoilers from this point onward.

My first thought was: she didn't even comb her hair.

Second: Christian's office is freaking gorgeous.

And then comes Anastasia's intro:

The interview where Ana forgot to bring a pen:

I was laughing so hard at this point and decided that, well, this ain't so bad.

I thought things would get awkward pretty fast since the book made me cringe a lot. It's mostly because I loved Dakota Johnson and James Dornan as Anastasia and Christian that made me enjoy it. When movie-Anastasia got the giggles and is being funny it's adorable while book-Anastasia together with her inner goddess sounds like a headcase. And Christian can be so sweet especially with that smile.. The "Laters, baby." still made me want to punch myself, though. hihi

The sex scenes weren't that bad. I mean, I still don't get how some people get pleasure from these methods but there's "them" and here's "me". I'm just thankful that the movie showed Ana to be thoughtful and thorough in dealing with the situation.

The movie is what I was hoping the book would be like and is most probably what the author tried to make it come off as only not quite pulling it off.

It was said that Fifty Shades of Grey is a Twilight fan fiction. I couldn't see it at first until people started pointing out the similarities. I saw plenty of it in the movie which isn't too bad, I guess. I just couldn't help but see it now that it's mentioned. Christian even said: "Welcome to my world." Whut?

There was a lot of controversy regarding this movie and some people have said that watching it is supporting rape. How is that possible? This is fiction! People who do decide to watch it is/should be open enough to form their own mature opinions about such things. Whatever that opinion may be, doesn't mean he/she is favorable of rape. And it's not even rape since there is consent. Let's be realistic.

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