Monday, March 2, 2015

From Page to Film: THE DUFF Movie Trailer

Reaction pre-trailer:

'The DUFF is going to be a movie?!' 

It wasn't long after I read the book that I heard the news. I enjoyed the book so much so I was really excited to see it on screen. Until I read a very short description of the movie and I was pretty much like, "What?"

It didn't sound like the book at all. And who the heck is Madison? The high school queen bee who's bullying the main character, Bianca. So it seems bullying is the main theme of the movie. Not the book. Bianca-the-book-version is an outspoken, cynical girl who is not afraid to voice her opinions and there is no way that Bianca is taking shit from anybody. See my review of the book HERE for more of my thoughts. Most of all, she didn't take advice from Wesley to "reinvent" herself. It was family and personal problems that made Wesley as Bianca's escape in a no-strings-attached relationship which was later hindered by the DUFF label whom Wesley himself gave Bianca and affected her views of herself.

Movie Plot Summary:

Bianca (Mae Whitman) is a content high school senior whose world is shattered when she learns the student body knows her as ‘The DUFF’ (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier, more popular friends (Skyler Samuels & Bianca Santos). Now, despite the words of caution from her favorite teacher (Ken Jeong), she puts aside the potential distraction of her crush, Toby (Nick Eversman), and enlists Wesley (Robbie Amell), a slick but charming jock, to help reinvent herself. To save her senior year from turning into a total disaster, Bianca must find the confidence to overthrow the school’s ruthless label maker Madison (Bella Thorne) and remind everyone that no matter what people look or act like, we are all someone’s DUFF.

Watch the Trailer:

Book vs Trailer:

*I attached the very first trailer to come out because this is the one I'm basing my reaction on.

Despite my initial thoughts, I was still ecstatic when the trailer came out. So it wasn't like the book except for the label part but the trailer is so freaking hilarious that I feel like I am going to love the movie anyway. There's no comparing that will happen. I am going to see the movie as it is, although I have no idea when that is going to happen. The movie is out now but not in my country (ugh).

Reading the comments on YouTube about the trailer, I can't help but notice that a lot of people were complaining. I did, as well, but I already made my peace. There was a lot of "Where is the sex?", too. I have no idea if the movie has plenty of it like the book. Maybe the movie-people didn't want another Fifty Shades (kidding!), it's their choice. But I have to admit that it'll be kind a downer if there isn't. Not that that's all I'm looking for but the sex actually played a big part in the story.

So there you go. I would have loved to write a proper review of the movie itself but I'll just have to settle on hearing other people thoughts about it. For now. They freaking loved it! Oh, gods. Does this mean I have to wait for a DVD copy to see it? WHY? Like I haven't waited long enough?

If you haven't seen the movie yet, or read the book, I suggest you do so. If you have, I hope you loved it!


  1. I made the executive decision not to read the book before I saw the film. A friend of mine told me that the book was not a fairytale ending type book or really a very fuzzy feelings book in general, and I got that kind of feel from the trailer, so that meant that it probably wasn't going to stick much to the book. In that case, I saw the movie first (actually I saw it twice). I effing LOVED the movie. I think it was because it added the cyber bullying, because I think that's valid to students in 2015. I really just loved everything about it. It's a movie that I will go out of my way to own. I still plan on reading the book. I actually have it on audio and I plan on listening to it soon! :)

    1. I'm glad you did! Even if it wasn't 100% the same with the book I still have high expectations for the movie. I can't wait to finally see it.

  2. Thanks to the author for this awesome movie trailer and review. When I was sawing this movie trailer in youtube, at that time I decided, I will mast see this movie and I did. And I have to say this movie is fantastic.


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