Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014 Reads + Monthly Recap

August was freaking exhausting especially this last week. I had an epic Friday after-exam-week night out of town with my 5th year class and I’m still tired from it but since midterm exams are OVER then I am going to have time for my blog. My poor blog. Anyway, the weekend was an awesome break from studying. It felt like we did the ice bucket challenge the whole time because we stayed at a mountain resort and it was effin’ cold, especially the pool water, but we still decided to swim at, like, 10 in the evening so there was no one else there but us and the guys thought it would be awesome to bring a dipper, shout “ice bucket challenge!”, and chuck the contents to ANYONE. Like this:

Source: KapusoMoJessicaSoho @KM_Jessica_Soho

LOL. That's not us. But back to the main topic.. this month I only read 8 books and 1 novella. Not so bad considering the busy month I had and some of it took me longer to finish than usual because of the number of pages. I'm really hoping to catch up this September because I am still behind on my reading challenges.

August Reads:


Best read:

WAAAAH! 6? Thank you to all my readers who are still here despite my seldom posts. I can’t say I’m going to be able to make a lot this September since I’m sure things are going to get hectic again soon but I’ll try my best to post when I have free time. Happy September!!! Woooh! “Ber” months..


  1. I've been curious about Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution for some time. If it's your favorite of the month I'll have to check it out. Looks like you had a great month, Haraiah! :)

    1. It's amazing! It surprised me. I didn't really expect to love it this much and now it's one of my most treasured books ever. Hope you love it, too!

      Thanks for stopping by, Rachel!


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