Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 Reading Challenges Update

I. AM. SLACKING. In reading? Nope. Not really. Going strong here. No slump. Just a bit busy with school. In blogging? Bwahahahaha. Definitely.

Anyway. This year I joined four reading challenges and one of them ended last week so I'm going to put in here what books I read for that challenge. And since I'm on it already, might as well give updates on how well I'm doing with my other challenges.

2014 Don't Let It End Reading Challenge hosted by Fiktshun

There is no specific number of books required for this challenge but I was hoping I could make it to 10. Unfortunately, my attention was snagged by another book instead of the series-ending one I intended to read. Then exam week came which by that point already meant I lost my chance so I congratulated myself with 9. I said goodbye to 9 series in the span of 5 months! How awesome is that?

Series I Had a Really Hard Time Saying Goodbye To But Told Me to Man Up:
Read my review of United We Spy and Ignite Me.

Very Satisfying Ending:

OK Ending:
Read my review of Wings and Eternally Yours.

Not So Satisfying Ending:
Read my review HERE.

As for my three other reading challenges:

Goodreads says I've read 83 books out of 150 and that I'm currently 'on track'. I bet you it'd be 1 book behind schedule tomorrow. My goal for my 2014 TBR Pile RC is 21-30 books and so far I've read 26 but only reviewed *gasp* 11. Damn. I'm gettin' there. Lastly, my Review Pile RC where I'm hoping to read 11-20 books.. 9 books read, 7 reviewed. Not bad. Check out my Goodreads shelf HERE!

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