Wednesday, June 18, 2014

INCIDENTS: Bookish or Otherwise (this time it's OTHERWISE)

Not only does the start of a new school year signify the end of summer in a 'vacation mode sense' but also literally. You see, ever since school started last week, it also started raining quite a lot. I am even glad to say that I am once again sleeping huddled in a blanket. This entire summer, I've never bothered getting under the covers. The weather was that hot and just like that *snaps finger*, it's not anymore. There are only two seasons here in our country.. sunny and rainy.

Yesterday, since our last class was right after activity hour, we had plenty of time to hangout in our classroom even before the bell since it wasn't occupied. When we arrived there, we saw that part of the second floor hallway was flooded. SECOND FLOOR. And our room was in the middle of it. Anyway.. a girl entered the room. We're pretty sure she's lost since it's a major subject for fifth years which means no one can just enroll in that class and she's wearing the new school uniform which means she's either a second or third year student (freshmen are still allowed not to wear the uniform). Me and my classmates just looked at each other and we girls finally decided to help her out.

My cousin: Excuse me, miss? Which room is your class?
Lost girl: *looks confused for a second* Umm, DR?
Cousin: I think you're in the wrong room.
Lost girl: Why? What subject is this?
Cousin: Software Engineering
Lost girl: But this is DR, right?
Me: Yes. SLDR. I think your room is SEDR.
Lost girl: Oh. Where is that?
Me: Third floor. Just take the stairs right outside this room.
Lost girl: *looks sheepish* Oh, no. Thanks so much. *smiles*dashes for the exit*

Poor girl. I'm pretty sure she missed the first week of HER class since OUR class wasn't able to formally meet on the first week of school - the room was unavailable so she had no idea that she got in the wrong room until yesterday.

I don't really know what you will get out of this post. Heh. I'm just in a writing mood so take what you can out of this. I hope you're entertained or at least got a bit of lesson to help out a lost soul instead of making fun of them. Common first day back to school problems.. no need to freak the lower years (especially fresh bloods) out by being in the wrong class. Imagine if that was you. *cringe*

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