Monday, June 9, 2014


OH. MY. GOSH. I just realized that my blog turned 2, like, a week ago. Two freakin’ years old. I suck. Now I feel guilty. I also forgot my first blogoversary! I think I even made a late blogoversary post but I wasn't able to publish it. I would have loved to do something special this time though. But I’m afraid now is really a bad time. It so happens that June means back to school and all the fuss that comes with it – why I started this blog in back-to-school-month (at least in our country) June, I can’t explain. Or I would have loved to have a giveaway for you, dear readers, but I’m broke. I can, however, give my heartfelt thanks to everyone of you who visited my blog even once. My blog is no superstar but I don’t mind at all. It’s here. You’re here. AND IT FEELS AMAZING!

In my two years of blogging I've published 327 posts and Random Things In Action has over 50,000 pageviews (not including mine, of course)! It may not seem like much but it is to me. I started this blog without any expectations so I am very happy with whatever it has achieved now.

I'm trying to remember what I did on my blogoversary day.. I remember being out of town and having a school event that weekend and - oh! - we were supposed to pick my sister up at the airport that day (June 2 - that's my blogoversary date - SOMEONE REMIND ME NEXT YEAR! lol) but I ended up having a lot to do. I made a blog post that day!!! *face palm* MY MAY WRAP-UP, GOSH! Ohahahaha. The funny part is that I checked what I did on last year's blogoversary day - I also had a school event that weekend AND I also made a wrap-up post during my blog's first birth day.

Anyway, you guys, HAPPY MONDAY! I'm finally done with enrollment. I missed the free ice cream last week ;(

You have to present a validated enrollment form in order to get one. I guess it's the school's way of encouraging students not be a pain and finish enrollment on time. Heh. Don't look at me. I was waiting for one more class to open. New school year officially starts tomorrow! Do I sound excited? I'm not.

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