Monday, May 5, 2014

Things That Made Me Smile/Laugh Today

Hey! So I wanted to make a blog post but I have no idea what. I was working on finishing a couple of reviews but I don't feel like doing that now so I thought I'd insert some randomness here. I kind of noticed a lot of things made me happy today and I want to spread it to anyone who might come across this post. It's nothing big; little things that scored a spontaneous laugh or smile on my face which made it all the more special in my opinion.

*whispers* I once overheard the adults talk about how my smile is expensive (since I was a baby, they say). Some people even do a double take when I laugh. Like, they can't believe I just did that. And then they'd comment on how I should laugh more because it's the first time they heard it. Uh.. I have to disagree to that. I laugh and smile A LOT!

First thing that made me smile this morning was:

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
I fell asleep reading this last night (2:30AM) so the first thing I did after I woke up and washed my face was finish this book.

And throughout the day.. here are some:

Pompeii by Bastille
I heard this as a background music in a commercial and liked the beat so I did some research. I actually already heard of the band before but not their songs. I'm glad I found it fairly easy unlike some songs I heard in random (in a bus or sung by people nearby) and I can't identify a few lyrics to start with.. I can't wait to ask my sister if she's heard this already. Probably, yes.

These freakin' memes:

It's Monday and according to my Goodreads Reading Challenge I am only 3 books behind when last week it was 8!

Laugh trip with friends.

And lastly, I opened my blog to some love - comments and surprising pageviews despite my no-blog-on-Sundays rule. YAY! ;)


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  1. I love those memes - especially the one with the men in the baby food aisle!


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