Saturday, March 29, 2014


This post officially marks the start of my summer. SUMMEEEERRR!!!! Though the cloudy sky outside says otherwise.. most days and nights are already hotter than the rest of the year here in my country. Can you feel how excited I am? SCHOOL YEAR's OVER!!!

I'd love to say I have a lot of time now to blog and read but I'm actually going to be gone for a week (or more). We will be having our Industrial Tour in Manila, Laguna and Tagaytay, and sure it's still school stuff but no one's complaining. I can count this as my summer vacation eventhough it's purely business - I'm pretty sure we can insert "a little" fun here and there. But instead of going back with the rest of the class, I had my return flight changed so I can meet up and spend some time with my younger sister who is currently doing her internship in Quezon. I have to be back early on Monday though because I still have companies to apply to for my own internship and if ever there are major subjects offered this summer and I have the extra time in my sleeve, then I'm going to enroll.

OH. MY. GOSH. I just realized I really don't have a break from school after all. Anyway, I'm working on having a few posts and reviews scheduled for this week so don't make my blog too lonely, okay? It continues to live and breathe because of you.

Of course, I'm bringing books. But only the lightweight ones I can put in my bag and read while waiting in the airport, in the plane, stuck in traffic.. you never know.

And in my Kindle..

Wondering why there are so many, are you? When I am surely going to buy books there anyway? My cousin - who's also my classmate - is begging me to bring some for herself. I'm only bringing Divergent because of my sister. She called me and she was like, "Bring books, okay? And bring Divergent because someone-someone asked if he could borrow it. Can you also bring Fangirl? I didn't get to finish it before I had to leave." and I'm like, "God, girl. You do realize I have to bring clothes, right?" So yep. If I have to bring books.. I'm going to pick the smallest I can find in my shelf.

Well, I better go pack now. And then watch the last 4 episodes of Teen Wolf Season 3. Wish me all the fun in the world. I know not everyone is having a summer season right now but.. HAPPY SUMMER! :) Feel the heat, guys..


  1. I wish summer was here in Minnesota - we are expecting another snow storm tomorrow :(
    I am excited for your review of Attachments!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. It's actually raining outside right now. I hope it wouldn't last long ;)
      Really excited to start Attachments. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Happy summer! We've still got snow on the ground here annnd I still have to wait until June for summer break, but hearing about all the fun you're gonna have cheered me up :) Enjoy your trip and all those lovely books!!

    1. Only two months away! It doesn't have to be summer to have a great week though :) Thanks Chloe!


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