Monday, March 17, 2014

No Book Related Post? I Blame It On Teen Wolf

I could say it's because the school year is almost over and I have a lot of school stuff to do but really, it's Teen Wolf. I finally watched it! You know how I am with wolves. Always reluctant to start something when it comes to them - may it be in books or movies - but yes, I tried venturing out of my comfort zone to read books mainly about them and tell you what? I love a lot of wolves now. But I still didn't watch it eventhough I know Dylan O'Brien is brilliant here until two of my friends - who are my only girl classmates - have freakin' caught up to the latest season already and I'm getting out of the loop. So yes. I bought my own copy and holy frickin' wolf I'm dead.

I am so addicted. I seriously can't stop watching this. I rarely watch TV; like, more or less 5 minutes in a week rare? When I decided to watch it my mom was there. And my dad. And my two cousins. In the end though, only my mom was as hooked as me. But I digress. I didn't even like the first season that much! I mean, the plot was okay but it's really the humor that sold me.

Oh, and the hot guys.

And the sexy backs.

And Dylan O' Brien.

There are some wolf things I found really weird. I don't mean to say they're awful, just weird for me in a funny way. Like the werewolves doesn't really fully shift into wolf. Only their nails. And their ears. Their teeth. Eyes. And their forehead. They look like Avatars minus the blue skin. And they run on all fours. Two feet, two hands. Not.. four feet.

I won't go into too much detail or have a very meaningful and helpful review for this 'cause right now, I have Season 3 Episode 3 on pause for this. Just some random update and tidbits *waggles eyebrows*

Isn't it weird to see him smile?
So weird. But still hot.

Wait, crap! I forgot the coach!


  1. I haven't really gotten into that show. But looking at all those hoot boys. I might have to check it out.

    1. Definitely makes it worth checking out, right? Haha

  2. I just started watching it after some badgering by two of my Twitter friends, I'm only partway through season 1 and I have been told I have to persevere for a while, but it's fun, I totally understand not doing any homework.

    1. Please do persevere. It gets better, I swear. I'm almost done with Season 3 and I'm loving it.


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