Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Reads + Monthly Recap

Good morning.. good afternoon, good evening. I don't know which timezone you belong but greetings! Seriously, who goes to school at three in the morning?  Me, apparently. And the other students in my batch who are waiting to board the bus that would take us to the airport. Actually, I'm currently hanging out at the convenience store at the front of our school's first gate and they have wi-fi so..

March meant finals, thesis defense to some.. Now it's going to end. Which means the school year is over for everyone. Which means graduation to the amazing ones. Seeing the graduation photos of some of my elementary and high school classmate feels nostalgic. It's also making me wish for my time to come faster but I still have one year to go since I'm taking a 5-year course and my thesis.

March also meant our club's night:

And Corps d'elite:

Our version of Oscars. This is where each club and members in the university are recognized for their achievement throughout the school year. See that envelope our president is holding? It holds the scores our club acquired, showing how well we have performed. It also contains the big words - fully accredited or probationary. Our result told us that we needed a hardcore after-party to celebrate.

But despite all those activities and work, it surprised me to find that I actually read a decent number of books this month. Where books are concerned.. I am always happy :)

This month's posts:

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