Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Girls of YA

Belated happy International Women's Day! Girls, ladies, women.. it's our time of the month, no pun intended >.< But really, March is our month and I'd like to celebrate it by recognizing my favorite heroines in YA fiction. I'm not putting them in any rank since I believe they are special and remarkable in different ways. And don't feel bad if your favorite fictional female is not included in the list - I can't remember every girl character I've met since ever. But feel free to mention it in the comments! I'd love to know.

Hermione Granger? Katniss Everdeen? Princess Leia? No. I’m not including them here because, come on, a lot of people already know them that they don’t need another mention (which I just did, by the way) to make people notice how awesome they are.

Val from V is for Virgin
The murmurs started to spread in hushed tones, so I raised my voice to talk over the noise. “That’s right! I’m a VIRGIN!” All was quiet again. “I’ve never had sex! And you know what? I’m proud of it!” The anger in my voice disappeared, and my hand drifted back to my necklace. “Make fun all you want. It doesn’t matter. I’m waiting until I’m married, and no one is going to make me feel bad about it.”

You go, girl!

Siena from Fire Country
Her sister left her. She lost her mother and bestfriend. Her father is cruel. She's about to be married to an old bully. Always picked on by other people because she's clumsy and thin.. But did all these make her a weak person? No. She's one of the strongest and bravest girl I know.

Elisa from The Girl of Fire and Thorns
She discovered a lot about herself on her way to fulfilling her destiny. A great, kick-ass and intelligent ruler of her country. I'd like to mention how much I love the way The Crown of Embers ended. Amazing!

Cia Vale from The Testing
This girl is superb. I admire the way she thinks and I wouldn't mind to be in her head all the time. Her initiative level is beyond impressive. If I have any say in it, I want Cia to be the future leader of my country.

The Juliette Ferrars of Ignite Me
Yeah. Juliette showed her strongest points in Ignite Me and the way her character developed from being weak and afraid into this strong girl willing to do her best for herself and others is remarkable.

Annabeth Chase from Percey Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus Series
A demigod. Athena's daughter. Loyal friend. Kick-ass.

Tiger Lily
I dunno. This is hard to explain but I admire Tiger Lily's character especially of having the strength to let go. It broke my heart so I can't imagine how crushing that decision must be for her.

Wren 178
Finding that piece of humanity in you even if everyone says there aren't any? That's more than something.

Persis Blake
Top student of her class, rich, beautiful.. Persis is willing to hide her true identity behind an idiot girl to become the Wild Poppy in order to save Albion.

Meg Corbyn
Sweet Meg. The first ever human to be completely on the Others' side. Humans and the Others will eventually have peace and it will be all because of her. And Simon <3

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  1. Ahhh! You listed so many good books that I can't wait to read! Tiger Lily, Reboot, The Testing and Girl of Fire and Thorns! Excited to start all these, and see why you like these chicks so much (;



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