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Review: Solving for Ex by LeighAnn Kopans

Solving for Ex
by LeighAnn Kopans
Published: February 11, 2014

1 crush on your best friend +
1 gorgeous, scheming new girl +
1 Mathletics competition =
1 big mess


Ashley Price doesn’t have much in life after being bullied so hard she had to leave her old school to live with her aunt and uncle in Pittsburgh. But the camera she borrowed from her best friend and secret crush Brendan, and her off the charts math abilities, make things a lot more bearable. Plus, since Brendan is the captain, making the school Mathletes team should be easy.

But when gorgeous new girl Sofia rolls in and steals Brendan, Ashley's place on the team, and her fragile foothold on the Mansfield Park Prep social totem pole, it’s on. Sofia is everything Ashley left her old school to escape. The only thing Ashley didn’t count on is Sofia’s sexy twin brother Vincent.

Vincent is not only the hottest boy in school, he’s charming, sweet, and he’s got his eye on Ashley. He’s also not taking no for an answer. There's no real reason Ashley shouldn't like Vincent, but with the
battle lines being drawn between her and Sofia, Ashley’s not sure which side he’s on. Or which side she wants him to be on.

She does know Sofia is trouble with a capital T, and she’s determined to make Brendan see it.

SOLVING FOR EX is a YA contemporary romance that remixes Mansfield Park as Clueless meets Mean Girls in a crazy mix of high school society, mathletic competition, and teenage romance.

Oh, this book is just so adorable!

I had a lot of fun reading notes like these at the end of some chapters. It added a little something to smile about in the book. But there's something about the overall feel of SOLVING FOR EX that didn't sit right with me and I probably would be able to tell what if I break it into parts for critique. But crap, why would I, when all I can think right at this moment is how much I really enjoyed reading this?

Except for the time I took to eat my dinner halfway through the book and the occasional need to change reading positions, I didn't really stop for anything else but read this book from 8pm to 2am straight.

Engineering has a lot of maths and for an engineering student like me, you'd think I love to roll around with it like a princess on a bed of silk for 5 years. I love it and I used to compete in grade school but I can't deny the fact that sometimes it's a pain in the ass, you know? Especially if I start counting the years I've been studying the subject. Now negate "pain in the ass" and integrate it with "fun" and "cute" and "adorable" and you'd get...? Right, Solving for Ex.

I keep expecting for something big and dramatic to happen involving dysfunctional families and bullying because it has a little of that in the story but this book is really more focused on the "here and now" of Ashley, her feelings for Brendan, the new kids - Vincent and Sophia, and, of course, Mathletes. I always knew there's something assholish in Vincent even though he is always nice. I keep waiting for the time when I could finally say, "Wow, Vincent. What an asshole you are." And my, my, did he not disappoint me by saying: “Do you have any idea how many girls at school would kill to date me?” when he was refused?

Solving for Ex is a really enjoyable and quick read. It put a lot of silly smiles on my face and it also made my heart hurt in some parts. I give plus points to books for the ability to make me emote. Seriously? Read this. If for no other reason than just to give yourself a great time.

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  1. I agree this was a fun read!! And I read it super fast as well. I wanted to know what was going to happen...and it was just entertaining. I HATED Vincent and everytime he came into a scene I wanted to punch him. If his character was less over-the-top, this book probably would have gotten a much high rating from me... I just felt like he was too much to the point where he felt fake. But regardless I did enjoy reading the book. And I love your review!! Math is not my friend, so even us math-dummies can enjoy this book :)


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