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Me and My Bookshelf (18): January Book Haul

This is where I feature the books I received, bought, gifted or won that are newly added in my physical shelf, which means no e-books and the like, and recount epic book hauling stories. It is usually posted on Saturdays.

First book haul post of 2014! My last was of November 2013. That's because I did not buy ANY books - not for Christmas, not for New Year, not even for my birthday - for almost 2 months (including the last couple of weeks of November and the first half of January)!

Okay. So I may have lied a little because I bough one book last December and that was:

It was an accidental but precious find. See, it has become my habit to scan a bookstore's database to see if they have this title or that even if I am not really going to buy anything. That time I searched for Attachments by Rainbow Rowell knowing full well that it's not yet available but was surprised to find that they actually have two copies in the store and only for P100 ($2.2). I couldn't pass this up. Rainbow Rowell's books are expensive - even in paperback! It took me more than one hour to find the physical copy but so worth it!

I also did not receive books as gifts which I don't mind at all. My parents decided not to buy me books (except textbooks) since I learned how to manage my own money at 13. And it's not like I don't have 60 (and counting) unread books in my shelf. Though I did receive a new bookshelf for my birthday :)

The reason behind my two month book buying ban (which I did not dare break) was because I was saving up to attend Gayle Forman's book signing event in Cebu - my birthday gift to myself.

Now there's a big difference between a person who is quiet and a person who is shy. I'm the quiet type but I'm only 30% shy and I'm very, very shy when it comes to asking my parents money for something like a book signing. I'm not saying it's wrong to ask, just that it makes me uncomfortable. I mean, I don't mind - much - if it's school related. But something along the lines of "Mom, I'm going to attend a signing event. Can you pay for my.. uh.. plane ticket?"

So I just asked if I could go and started saving my money! They still gave me cash though, for when I see something I wanted to buy, which I am very thankful for. I love my parents.

First book I bought this January:
I already have Just One Day but I got this because I love the new cover and also because I'm going to have it signed for my sister when I learned she couldn't go to the signing. She loves Gayle Forman.

When I was in Cebu I visited two bookstores and obviously, I bought the books that I most likely would never find in my local bookstore back home - shipping fee and special orders are expensive and most online orders take a lot of time not to mention damaged goods so I seize every opportunity to get them personally when I'm travelling.

I was freaking happy when I found this and it's the only one left! I've been trying to find a copy of this locally but they told me it's only available in ebook. I'd resolved myself to just buy this online sometime soon but then I found it and it's so pretty and shiny. The entire cover, and I mean the entire cover - front, back, spine - not just the title, is metallic. It's kind of blinding. I'm so inlove with it I'm afraid I'd leave fingerprints on it.

Wow. After more than four years.. I finally found books 2 and 3 of the trilogy. I've been dying for the sequel ever since I read the first book in high school but it was almost 2 years after when the second book was released that I kind of forgot about it. Now they're complete!

Another book I bought was:
I'm pretty excited for this. I've heard great things from my favorite reviewers about In the Shadow of Blackbirds. Also, I found this at National Book Store for only P499 ($11) in hardcover and I'm sure it's not a bargain price (cheaper than the US paperback edition of Attachments). And the spine is gorgeooooouuus!!

I currently have almost 800 books in my Goodreads TBR list and I've been trying to go over the earliest titles I've included. They've been there for years and I always get sidetracked by newer ones that I sort of abandoned them and Soulbound is one of those (#46).

I can't remember what this is about but I'm sure it's kick-ass. Cover says it all. I'm all for kick-ass books.

I've been looking forward to visiting Fully Booked the most while in Cebu because 1) they have, in my opinion, the greatest selection of YA titles in the country 2) they don't have a branch in my province. Book heaven.. I would have bought a lot but sadly, I'm on a budget. I'm not really in the mood to be short on cash in an unfamiliar place. Lucky me, all books are 20% off because of the festival that day. I only bought three and the first was Ribblestrop 2 (shown above) and the other two were:

I've been dying to read In the After ever since it came out last year so I immediately started reading it while waiting at the terminal on my way home. I saw Dreamless for a cheaper price compared to regular hardbacks and with the additional 20% discount I got it for the price of a paperback!

These last two I bought online at Books for Keeps. I love buying hardcovers from them - cheap prices of books in great condition, cheap shipping fee and the books arrive the day after it was shipped.

I'm really excited to read Something Strange and Deadly and A Want So Wicked so when I saw them at half-price on Books for Keeps, I didn't hesitate to buy them.

Well, that's all for my January book haul! I apologize for rambling but.. you know. Books :) What did you guys get this day/week/month?

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