Thursday, January 23, 2014

READING UPDATES! Oh, and I'm back..

Heyhey! Jusy checking in. I feel like my blog will become a ghost town soon if I don't do something about it. Remember how I said I'll try to be better with blogging a few weeks back? Well, I apologize because so far I'm not feeling that yet. Truth is, I have school - funny how a crapload of understanding can be acquired from that one word - but I really can't take that for granted.

My reading pace isn't also that impressive. In fact, I'm "3 books behind schedule" according to my Goodreads Reading Challenge meter and it's only January! Reasons: crappy schedule mainly due to these - school, club meetings, University Sportsfest, remaining exams, projects, club activities and outreaches; reading slump - I did just read more than a hundred books from last year; and unfortunate circumstances like being stuck alone in a city you are not familiar with - including the language - for two days because of a storm and the other books you are currently reading was left at home.. you make do with whatever you have. Lucky me I have 12. I finished two and was halfway through the third when my miracle in the form of a boat that would take me home finally arrived. Hallelujah! As much as I enjoyed my reading time (nothing else to do but eat, sleep and read - oh, and no interruptions!) I would choose to be back home over that.

So yeah. Right now, I am currently reading 4 books and I'm almost finished with ALL of them.

From last year's read and I still haven't finished it. Almost there.

I had plenty of time left before my trip to finish those last two chapters but what I did instead was start a new book. Still haven't read that last two. Tonight, I swear.

And this is that "new book" I was talking about.

Third book I started while I was on that "stranded" part of my trip.
And the two books I finished:

Very fitting, I know. That's why I decided to read these in the first place. 

That's all I have for now. By the way, don't miss my 5 Chapter Reveal of BE WITH ME by J. Lynn!

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