Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reading Updates

Hello! Since I am not feeling very well and can't concentrate much to write a review, I'm doing updates instead. First on that list.. second semester started this week! Can't be too surprised how short that break was since I was in and out of campus those times anyway. But I did go back to my hometown on Halloween to take care of my grandma since she wasn't feeling well. It was supposed to be just an overnight stay but it turned out to be almost 4 days.

Since school opened in the middle of the week, first day back wasn't very eventful. Most of the students are still on the process of enrollment (like me) because of the holidays so no classes to the majority, yet. I skipped class the following day because of the bad weather but it was announced later that afternoon that classes were suspended for the rest of the day until Friday. Storm signal #4. Since power was out and I don't have anywhere to go, I was in bed the whole day like a dying person, reading. I finished two books:

I feel so accomplished. There was a lot of moping and crying with Champion so it was lots of thanks to my mom who made sweets that day for her very unproductive and heartbroken daughter.

Moving on.. since I am the kind of reader who can't seem to pick up only one book to read at a time, I am currently reading two which I started earlier this November but still haven't finished. But I do intend to finish it before classes start on Monday - officially.

And because I'm ME, before I get back and finish those books, first I'm going to.. wait for it.. read this tonight:

WHAT? I am in desperate need of a contemporary fix. Too much dystopia lately. I'm pretty sure it'll be a quick read ;) What about you guys? Any interesting reads to share?

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