Friday, November 1, 2013

October Reads + Monthly Recap

Happy Holloween! Well, we're done with October and there are only two months left before 2014! Woah. Anyway, October has been a very good reading month. The first two-and-a-half weeks was really hectic because of finals but it was all better after that. I heard my aunt ask my mom a few days before where I was and my mom said: Where else? She's burying herself in her books while she's on break. Don't I just love my mom? She knows me so well. So this month I read 15 books! *victory dance a la Sam Henry* LOL.

Technically, I started three of them last month but I wasn't able to finish them on time. Still.


The other 12 including 600 pages of The Diviners goodness:


And 4 novellas/short stories:

plus all of Ryan Miller's short stories (they're all amazing!)

This month's posts:

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