Friday, October 11, 2013

What's up?

Hello. HELLO. HELLO! Gosh. You don’t know how much I miss blogging! Even if it was barely a week since I last posted, looking back at my blogging activity these past weeks was enough to make me say that I really am behind especially with book reviews.

It’s a huge feat. Every day I face my computer and will only limit myself to visiting social networking sites for a few minutes of fun but I really have to avoid getting sucked into time-consuming net activities like blogging. My hands are always itching to make something, even nonsensical posts just so my blog won’t be so lonely. But choosing it over school is not an option right now especially with finals.

And this week was considered THE hell week. Nope. School’s not over yet. And yep, we haven’t even had our exams; that’s next week. Most of the worst this semester is over now, though. I only have one more project to do, one last lab report to submit, few last quizzes to take, 10 speech exercises to finish, have my clearance signed and finally.. finally, EXAMS!

*Speaking of quizzes, I nearly fell asleep while taking one this afternoon.*

I’m so glad to be posting something right now however random this is. It’s a relief from all the frenzy this week had gotten me into. Wednesday was the most awful and also probably the best. One of my projects was submitted that day and we had some last minute complications but it came out all good in the end. We also had to take one of our exams in advance and I was cramming because I haven’t studied but our prof surprised us before it started, saying the names of those who are exempted to take the test including me. Then there was the ‘dreaded-quiz-in-signals’ which, by the way, was not all that good. A few other classes I was really tempted to ditch. And finally, our final exam that evening in business comm in the form of a job interview (I got hired – yay!). So yeah, basically, I was running around all day.

Funny thing, when I got home after the interview at around 9PM, instead of resting I sat down and opened a book. Since I already had my dinner earlier at school, mom told me: "Go to rest. You had a crazy day." She checked on me later, saw me with a book and said: “Aren’t you tired?!” I told her, “Not yet. I’m not sleepy. That’s why I’m reading in bed because it will make me fall asleep soon.” Mom: “Yeah, right.” But then I did. I didn’t even realize it until I heard my mom yelling at me to “WAKE UP!! IT’S ALREADY 10. DON’T YOU HAVE CLASS AT 10?” And I was like “Yeaaaah, moooom. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME!” Really, it was only 9AM. She sometimes exaggerates time when it comes to waking us up – key word: SOMETIMES. But my only reaction was: “OHMYGOD. I just slept for 12 hours straight. On a school day. Hallelujah!”

But get this. I went to bed at 5AM this morning and woke up at 6 for my 7.30AM class. Good thing I had that 12 hours of stored energy, or else. Now here I am, rambling my head off with a chapter of my life you probably don’t care about, but oh so ready to catch up with sleep as soon as I post this. I’m just so happy to be here. Though I can’t promise that this means I will be posting more reviews now. There's still the exams after all. Only eleven days into October and I’m already wishing for it to end. I know I make it sound like I’m super busy (which I am, because students are ALWAYS busy – it’s part of the job description) but I would never forget to indulge myself with at least a few chapters of reading every day. Or else my head would explode. Even with all these madness I managed to finish three books. Good ones at that. Right now, I’m just begging for semestral break to come sooner. One more week. Woooh-hooh!


  1. This just proves what I've known since I started working - school is much more stressful than work. Well, perhaps some jobs like emergency room surgeons have it tough, but life is much easier now. And I think there is much more pressure on kids now than back when I was in school.

    Keep it up, and I'm glad that you're finding time to read!

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

    1. I know, I know. Sometimes it's too much I feel like crying. I always wonder if profs realize that students also have classes which requires as much work other than their own with all the projects and deadlines they dump on us. We get that it's part of our learning but it's also hard to learn when there's a constant worry, pressure and stress behind it not only from one but ALL of our classes. I'm just glad that I get to see it till the end.

      Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie! :)


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