Sunday, October 20, 2013

SemBreak TBR

Hello! So if you've read my previous post you'd know that I'm on semestral break. I don't care how short it will be. I'm going to make the most out of it by catching up on reviews and my TBR pile. For these 2 weeks that I'm free, I'm going to take this chance to read the 'BIG BOOKS' I have on my shelf. Now this won't mean that whatever I include in this list will be all I'm going to read. I have review books to read after all and my mood might change but the majority of my reads will be these.

So for my semestral break TBR I'm going to read:
*cover image links to Goodreads*



I'm so excited to finally read these. It's impossible to read books with over 400 to 500 pages when I have classes. I hate it when I have to stop in the middle of a really good scene. It's a complete turn-off and usually leads to a reading slump.

For the review books:


You know what's perfect? Our house is all mine for the weekend. NO INTERRUPTIONS.
Just sayin'. Have a good week everyone!


  1. I know how you feel about reading thick books during class! Sometimes I end up not liking the book :(

    I'm on semestral break too. Yay for us! Two weeks of undisturbed reading :)

    1. Right? I'm really hoping to finish them before I get distracted by other books or worse when class starts again.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sharmaine! Let's enjoy our two weeks of undisturbed reading :)


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