Friday, October 25, 2013

Music and Lyrics (13): True Love

Ah, well. I love P!NK. Aside from the wonderful beat and music of her songs, they're also very meaningful. One of her songs I am in love with at the moment is True Love. It reminds me of a lot of love and hate relationships I read in books (most of them annoying) but this is a great song so it should also be associated with one of my favorite hate relationships. Ryn and Vi of the Creepy Hollow series. It actually wasn't the I-hate-him-but-at-the-same-time-I-love-him kind but these two started as childhood friends but because of one tragedy they ended up hating each other and as competitions. I'm talking about pure hate (without any hidden desires or something like that, pffft!) that makes you regret losing what you had before everything was ruined. But when they finally were given this chance to sort their hate and bring back that lost friendship one little step at a time, I saw how deep that friendship goes and how much they genuinely care for each other. So you know, I'm not just talking about love on a romantic level.

This line, particularly:

"And no one else can break my heart like you."

Because yes, eventhough Vi may appear cool or unaffected to whatever jerkiness Ryn does to her, me, as a reader, feels how hurtful it must be for Violet to have her bestfriend do something like throw her mothers necklace into no man's land. Not to mention the author's mad gut-punching writing skills that would suck you right into the characters head.

I love both the music and lyrics. And the video as well. This song makes me see past the annoying-ness of those few love and hate relationships I've mentioned above. I'm not saying that I hate all of them and that it also applies in real life situations (only the ones in books). It's just that sometimes it gets to the point of ridiculous, if you know what I mean.

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