Saturday, September 21, 2013

Me and My Bookshelf (15): Review Copies Edition

This is where I feature the books I received, bought, gifted or won that are newly added in my physical shelf, which means no e-books and the like. It is usually posted on Saturdays.

Here I am again with another September book haul. If you’ve probably noticed, this blog has been quiet lately. Aside from the busy part that is school, my laptop was also out of commission these past weeks and it’s kind of impossible to blog using any other computer, if you know what I mean. Between this book haul post and the previous one, I only managed to make one blog post (see HERE).

But my laptop is back now! Which makes me absolutely happy because one: I’m positive I can write a couple of reviews and schedule posts by tonight, and two: I can finally do whatever it is I do on the internet without someone hovering over my shoulder (which is mostly the case when I borrow my mom’s desktop computer while hanging out at her office). It’s annoying and distracting.

But it has certain perks like yesterday when I was lazily surfing the net for whatever, my mom caught me looking at someone’s bookshelf doing the usual stuff like counting how many books it holds and checking out titles I don’t know yet when she breezed past me. I wasn’t aware she was there so when she suddenly said: “Books again” I was so surprised I blurted out “Give me a gift!” while clutching her hands. I can only imagine what I look like since she looked at me like I’m book crazy (which I am) and said: “It’s not your birthday” (it’s not, mine is more than 3 months away and my sister’s is this Tueday) so I replied: “I’m giving you a heads-up. ” She asked what is it I want and I said a bookshelf. I think it was a big sigh of relief I heard from her when she said, “That’s right. It’s giving me a headache looking at all those boxes stuffed in your room.”

OK. We haven’t gotten to the main point yet!

What is it again? Right, new books. This was actually a pleasant Friday the 13th surprise. I was convinced my review copies got lost in the mail so I wasn’t expecting anything. Turned out I got two!!! My mom teased me because I was smiling the whole day.

Package 1 from The Book Depository. Lots of thanks to Doodle's Book Blog! I was surprised to see this on my table that morning since it usually takes one month for TBD packages to arrive at my place. I checked the date and found out that, indeed, almost one month had already passed. Anyway, WE (me and my sister) absolutely love this book (read review of The Faerie Guardian and The Faerie Prince). I’m so excited to finally get a print copy of The Faerie Guardian because it has Ryn’s perspective in it *swoooon*.

A few hours after that I got a box from Harper!! Thank you so much Sarah and HarperCollins.

Finished copy of:

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a link of your book hauls :)

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  1. Eeeep so many pretties from HarperCollins! I really enjoyed The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and I hope to read Blackout and What's Left of Me soon! Happy reading. :)


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