Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Friday! Way to state the obvious, right?

Happy Friday! I'm happy aside from the fact that this Friday is different because we won't be having class tomorrow (yep, I have Saturday classes), also because midterm exams are over! I just got out from my last one and now that I'm done packing for some weekend getaway, I'm killing time by making this blog post before I meet my friends in a few minutes for dinner and an out of town trip.

It's feels sad and lonely looking at my blogger dashboard and seeing that I haven't posted anything since Monday the reason why I'm doing this even though it's a short one. I haven't written any reviews as of late so this post will be random.

Anyway, I'm off to some resort out of the city for our club's acquaintance party tomorrow. Me and some of my classmates are staying overnight to prepare the venue and have a little after-exam party on our own before we accommodate a hundred students the following day.

And that's it! Watch out for my MMB post tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!

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