Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cover Changes + Book Cover Battle: The Fury Trilogy by Elizabeth Miles

My laptop is currently out of sight so I'm using my desktop computer at the moment. All my bloggy things are there and I haven't written any reviews recently anyway so I decided to just post something random and quick since I have a meeting in one hour. I came up with this.

Quick say of my take on cover changes. I don't mind them much, really. When it comes to matching my books, I base it on their size and edition so they don't appear uneven on my shelf. But sometimes the specific edition I'm looking for isn't available and honestly, it can't be avoided so I get over it pretty quickly. Nothing much I can do anyway.

I don't judge a book by it's cover but I do love beautiful covers. Umm, who doesn't? Sure, changing the cover in the middle of a series is a little annoying especially if the publishers are not making matching ones for the previous books. And being the obsessive book collector that I am, I sometimes can't help but feel this need to also own these books with their new covers or editions even though I already have an existing copy. 

I wish myself good luck. 

So yeah, annoying. They're trying to make me broke!!! :)
Anyway, since I love looking at beautiful covers so much and it seems like changing covers is currently a trend, I'm making this new meme where I find book covers that were changed and compare and talk about them with you. Sounds cool?

And the lucky book I picked for my first cover battle is: The Fury Trilogy by Elizabeth Miles

Have you guys read the books in this series? I read the first one two years ago and it was the cover that made me pick it up. I haven't read the sequels yet but when I saw the second book's cover last year and that it was changed..
*Left: Original Cover; Right: New Cover


It's a good thing they made matching covers for the first one until the end of the series so I have no qualms about it. But comparing the two, what do you think? I love both sets and if I really do plan on buying them, I would buy all six. The books is, of course, about the Furies. Three girls—three beautiful, mysterious girls. The new covers are pretty but the original is more mysterious and eerie. Obviously, the girls on the left side resemble the Furies perfectly; what with the hair. I'd like to think of the girls on the right side as these teenage characters in the book who got involved with them. They don't exactly have that "Fury" feel but they do look like teenagers out for revenge.

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