Monday, September 2, 2013

August Reads + Monthly Recap

Happy September 1st or 2nd! Depends on which timezone you belong - it's the latter for me. In four months, 2013 is gonna end. In four months, I WILL NO LONGER BE A TEENAGER. Let me take a moment to process that... Yep. In four months, I’ll be one year older but I bet it won’t feel like that. HA!

I know when it comes to books I always say how impatient I am for next year to come when my most anticipated will be published. But it’s really scary when I think about time and realize how fast it’s flying. Wasn’t it just a few months ago when we celebrated New Year? But no, 8 months have already passed and welcome to the 2013 countdown. Even school seems to breeze right through. I know it seems like a long day when I sit in my chair and listen to class for an hour, a long week when I think about upcoming quizzes and assignments, a long month when it comes to projects and extracurricular activities. But looking at the bigger picture, I actually already survived 3 months of my fourth year in college. And now it’s our midterm exams when it feels like it was just last week when we crammed for prelims.

Anyway, August has been busy. No surprise there. Thanks to what free time I got I was able to read 12 books this month. Most of them are ebooks since I don’t bring physical books to school (it won’t fit in my bag) and I spend 70% of the day out of our house.




This month's blog posts:


I’m not going to make a TBR list this month. It’s going to be the busiest this semester, I think. We have midterm exams this week and an acquaintance party to finalize for this weekend. Next week will be our University week which means meetings and tons of to-dos. Also, it’s the start of endterm - projects left and right, more club activities and more studying. I haven't got to the point where I cross out all books included in my list yet, but at least I got to read half of them. I doubt this month I will be able to cross out one. I will still be reading (duh) of course but it would be a random book which is more my style. With all the stuff that will happen this month, I’m pretty sure I will be caught in a reading slump if I have a list to think about.

And that’s about it.
Don't worry. Be happy! :)

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