Friday, August 2, 2013

July Reads + Monthly Recap

July had been a busy month. We had our exams and lots of other school activities which I have mentioned in one of my previous posts and it made blogging a little impossible. I was also in a bit of reading slump. Who wouldn't when you only get to read 10 pages or so before you're interrupted for something again and again. I even attempted a Siege and Storm read-a-long with my sister but that was also a fail on my part. Aside from the fact that I am a really slow reader and she the opposite, there's also the 'someone is looking for you' or the 'I gotta go do something and stuff'. So yeah, I gave up and just read the book whenever I found the time.

I also failed to read my TBR Jar picks. Most of my reads these month were e-books since I always have my reader with me and even those I read for a minimum of 2 days each but physical books is another story. The only time I ever get to spend inside my house is from 10PM to 6AM max which meant I didn't get to spend much of it with the books on my shelves aside from a few which are for review and reading challenges which I prioritized. So I ran out of time but no matter. Carnival of Souls and Taste will be my first reads this August. 

So in total, I read 10 books and 2 novellas this month. Not bad.


Read for review:

Dont Let It End Reading Challenge:


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