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From Page to Film: The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones

Confession time. When I read City of Bones 2 years ago I did not finish it *covers self*. Not really, but I did not entirely read the whole book. It's not because it was bad (okay, maybe a little) but halfway through I just got a little impatient and scanned the rest. That did not stop me from checking out Cassie Clare's other series The Infernal Devices. And that one I ABSOLUTELY LOVED.

Watch the movie trailer!

Now for most of us, the book is almost always better than the movie. We tend to compare the two word by freaking word if it comes to that. We can't help it. I can't help it. And most of the time we end up disappointed especially if the movie was based from a beloved book. I didn't have any intention of re-reading City of Bones before watching the movie and basing on the fact that I partially read the book a long time ago, this rant/review is pretty much based on the movie alone. I can remember the characters of the book for the most part; the background of the story, vaguely; the story line of the first book and the exact flow, not so much.

First and foremost, the casting is AWESOME! 

Jamie Campbell, for all I know, is the perfect Jace. The guy is freakin' hot. And an amazing actor, too. Damn, I kind of loved him when he was a vampire then. But he was partially beheaded so now he's a Shadowhunter and this role suits him better.

Jemima West as Isabelle.. ohmygod, do I love her? I love that scene on the club with her on a white dress - she's gorgeous and bad-ass and woah.

Simon is perfect, too - nerdy, funny and all kinds of adorable.

Kevin Zegers portrayed Alec very well although he looks older than what I imagined him to be, or from what I can remember. I loved his scene with Clary and the look he throws her way.

The resemblance between Lily Collins and Lena Heady as Clary and Jocelyn is so believably mother-and-daughter. I loved Lily Collins as Clary but I'm pretty peeved with her role in the story. A couple of times I hit my sister beside me whispering, 'What the hell is Clary doing? Why is she just staring?' during the fight scenes.

Oh, and Valentine looks every bit evil - and sexy (love Jonathan Rhys Meyers, he's actually a perfect Valentine - ironic much?) and Luke werewolf-y.

Another character I was looking forward to was Magnus Bane. The first time he made an appearance in the movie I *internally* laughed out loud. He's hot alright but trust Magnus to procure that kind of emotion from me just because of his ridiculous outfit. Loved him in a hoodie!!

Overall, the casting is close to perfect. They were all great actors really. There are times when I read a book and then watch the movie, and watching the actors play my favorite parts or say my favorite lines feels scripted or cheesy or awkward *cough* Twilight *cough*. Not so much on TMI. The portal scene is freaking weird though!!! What the..

The action scenes were cool! Especially the one close to the ending where there are simultaneous fight scenes. Man, what I wouldn't give to be as bad-ass as Isabelle Lightwood.

Random observations:

Clary's outfit which I am hoping I can pull off ever since I saw it on Unraveling's cover.

Talk about awesome (pshhaaaw.. how many times have I said awesome in this post??)
Also.. the Silent Brothers?? Duuude. Why are their hoods down? And I kind of noticed Brother Jeremiah walking with a little swagger. 

I can't remember how it was described in the book but the Greenhouse looks kind of fairytale-y. Still liked it though. Just a little too much. And the scene..

I liked how the movie turned out but that's all thanks to the actors. The story felt too fast for a two-hour movie. It wasn't that detailed in introducing the Shadowhunter world and the twist came too abrupt but I still enjoyed it. All I can think about after watching the movie was 'I have to read City of Bones - again'.

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