Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Reads + Monthly Recap

Time for the monthly recap - June is over! Do you know what that means? We are getting closer and closer to our most awaited sequels!! Funny how slow time is when it comes to the things we anticipate the most but if I think about it in a different perspective like school - it's moving real fast. June, in our country, meant the start of a new school year and yes, I am now a 4th year college student (2 more years!). It seems like we just started our classes a few weeks back when actually we have less that 2 weeks left before prelim exams.

My class schedule isn't that hectic since I'm only taking up 7 subjects and that's new. I was used to taking 10-11 per semester since first year but it's good because I also have a lot of extra-school responsibilities aside from academics. I do have Saturday classes though, and my MWF classes start at 7.30am and ends 8.30pm sooo, ouch. Lots of break in between but no additional time for blogging and reading, still the same as before but I'll take what I can get so.. yep. June is still a busy month but screw busy when I can work and have fun at the same time! RIGHT?

Here are the books I read this June:
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A few days before and I would have exclaimed how I did such an awesome job but then I saw a blogger I adore tweet yesterday that she read 47 books this month and I'm like, yeah, I'm not so I awesome after all *sniffs* LOL! I'd still say I did great.

Enough of the drunken dance. Moving on.. I did say that I will have a couple of tour and event stops here and I'm very glad of how it all turned out considering it's my first time doing such things. I really enjoyed it and I might try joining tours again sometime but I'm afraid it will not be sooner. Depends.

This month's posts:

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