Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge: UPDATE

We are well past the first half of this year and I think it's time I update my entries to some of my reading challenges. As you already know, I joined several this 2013. You can see all of them here: 2013 Reading Challenges as well as my progress which really needs updating. Anyway, I've completed one of those challenges so yay! For my TBR Pile Reading Challenge I chose the A Friendly Hug Level (11-20 books). I already read more than 20 books that can qualify for the challenge but some of them have no reviews yet and some I don't plan on reviewing so they're not counted. Officially, I have read and reviewed 19 books for this challenge. And they are:






Seems like I'm going to level up soon.. I actually haven't been linking my reviews to each wrap-up post these past several months but I will soon. Like, really.
Oh, and just click the cover image of the book if you want to read my reviews :)

You can still sign-up HERE if you want to join the reading challenge!

PS I'm happy. Because it's Friday and exams will be over in a couple of hours. Wooooh!!!

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