Friday, June 7, 2013

Music and Lyrics (9)

Yesterday, I told myself I will write three reviews to post or schedule the following day. But I didn't because I'm lazy and I'm tired. What I did was set my alarm really early so I can do it before I go to school for enrollment and a program I needed to attend. What really happened was that I woke with just enough time to get ready, have my breakfast and travel. I wasn't late by the way. So now here I am, I just got back home after spending 8 hours at school with no review or anything at all for that matter, the reason why I decided to do a Music and Lyrics post instead which I haven't done in a while anyway-- *knock, knock*

You see? I haven't written more than one paragraph when I was interrupted again. Moving on.. In one of my previous post you might have read about me being away because of certain obligations and one of that was our club's team-building activity where we agreed to assemble at a fast food restaurant on the morning of our departure date. So I was there along with another club member waiting for the others when this song playing in the background caught my attention. And you know how my ears immediately perk up with the faintest note of a song. This song in particular.

Because We Can
Artist: Bon Jovi
Album: What About Now

It's really good, obviously because when I heard it I immediately took my phone out to search it. I was really surprised when I learned it was a Bon Jovi song and was even more surprised that it was released this year. You guys should listen to this.

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