Thursday, March 21, 2013

Music and Lyrics (7)

With the stress of exams and everything else, I haven't been very attentive of my blog. Since I have free - albeit little - time for now, I am going to use it to wander way off of school related works. By which, I meant to convince you guys to listen to this amazing song. That is, if you haven't heard it yet.

by Switchfoot
Album: Vice Verses

I've been listening to this album for very long time now but it still feels like I'm hearing it for the first time. I loved all of the songs in it - the beat, the lyrics.. I can't get over it. If it is entirely up to me, I'd feature all 12 songs now, but I'm afraid I haven't got much time. The reason why I particularly chose Thrive over the others is because it reminds me of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. One of the things we - my sister and I - loved in the movie is its soundtrack so when we heard this song she asked me if it's included in the OST and I told her I'm not sure. True enough, it's not in the movie but I have to admit it's perfect so I decided to make this my theme song for the book.

If you listen to the entire lyrics, it definitely sounds like 'R'. I hope you love this song, and don't let me stop you - listen to the whole album. Switchfoot is freaking amazing! :)

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