Thursday, March 28, 2013

From Page to Film: Warm Bodies

Hi everyone! It's a holiday so.. what are you guys up to today? You game for a movie? If you haven't watched Warm Bodies yet, well, you better. I know this post is pretty late - schedule's a little messed up but hey.. it's never too late to enjoy a nice day on the couch watching zombies eat brains! Kidding! Seriously, this movie is amazing. Who'd have thought zombies can be a lot of fun?

See? I laughed so hard just watching that trailer but the entire movie? Wow. Warm Bodies is an amazing adaptation of the book. Great casts, eargasmic soundtrack, brilliant plot.. I can say that I was really satisfied with how it all turned out. And if you ask me? I'd say I liked this more than the book. Not that I did not like it. The book, I mean (read review here) but what I felt was lacking on it was justified in the movie, like the way it ended. Plus, Nicolas Hoult (R) as well as Teresa Palmer (Julie) are wonderful actors who played their roles very well. There's romance, plenty of hilarious moments and gasp-worthy and heart-breaking scenes.

Favorite scene:

Well, not that part, really. But the one before they fell in that pool. I can't help but swoon by R's gesture then. I was all 'Ohmygooood, Rrrrr. That is so sweet but.. nooooo.' Okay. So R is the hottest zombie ever. Sue me!

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  1. That's my favorite scene too! :D

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