Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Reads + Monthly Recap

February has been my busiest month yet. So many things I had to do! First week was dedicated to midterm exams and you know how it gets. You'd think that I would be free for at least a few days after, but no. There was the preparation for our club's activity which took a lot of time for meetings and calls and weekend tasks. One time I got home at around 10PM, I was so tired I've gone straight to my room and was unconscious as soon as I hit my bed. I didn't even bother eating dinner. I woke up the next day at 7:45AM - 35 minutes left before my first class - still in my previous day's clothes (lifting a finger seems like a very difficult job then). And the fact that well, it's endterm which means projects, projects, projects. I remember saying to make the most out of 28 days reading and being productive. In a way, I was. I made 19 blog posts this Feb despite my busy sched! That's definitely an improvement for me (supposedly, there was still more I have to post but I ran out of time). I got through with exams sane, and then were able to produce a very successful event. Unfortunately, I wasn't that lucky to have read a lot of books. I only read 6 - I'm satisfied, considering. But I wish I could have read more. Anyway, that is my bookish goal this March! To read as many books as I can, I missed reading so badly!

This month I read:

I watched Warm Bodies with my sister and I was planning to post a "From Page to Film" for it but something came up so I have to move it to a different date. Maybe this March. And that's that. I really had a great time last month, no matter how tiring it was and how frustrating it got sometimes :)

And by fun, I meant:

No one is even looking at the camera. Actually, there's a lot of cameras flashing at once, so we really don't know where to look but I'm looking down! Goodness, I absolutely have no idea what I found so fascinating on the floor.

February posts:

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