Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 TBR Pile March Extra Challenge

Hi everyone! How are 'ya doin'? It's the third month of this year's TBR Pile Reading Challenge and so far I have read 17 books! See my updates here. Technically, I reached my goal but I am so behind on my reviews that I haven't participated at all during last month's wrap-up. And it's not over 20 yet so I don't think I'm going to raise my level. But I'm getting there. 

Anyway, for this month's challenge, Justin of Justin's Book Blog wants us to:

"..take a picture of your favorite shelf out of all your bookshelves. I don't mean a picture of an entire bookshelf, just your one favorite shelf within it. And once you do that, upload it somewhere that will allow you to provide me with a link to it in the comments."

I actually have 3 shelves at home. One is for encyclopedias and other reference materials. Another one is an overhead shelf that spans the length of my room full of magazines, health and craft books, etc. etc. and of course, my school books! They take up most of the space; the books we use since high school are gigantic. I have 3 Physics books, each of them like, 4 inches thick; Chemistry, also as thick; Biology and Zoology books, Research, Algebra, Trig, Geom, Solid. And then my Computer and Programming books in college, Dynamics, Mechanics, Statics, whatever, the list goes on and on. I can't put them anywhere else since I'm still using them, occasionally. LOL. And my sister, too.

Now I have no space left for another shelf. That means my babies are disorganized and situated in whatever space I can find which is not much. Most of them are safely tucked away in boxes until I can find them a more convenient place. Boxes, that's right. I have A LOT of boxes scattered all over my room, even they will have no more place to go soon. I might as well find a solution sooner than I thought. My favorite shelf, you ask? Oh, puh-lease. Don't sound so curious. It's my YA shelf, of course! Always YA.

Happy reading! :)

It's not too late to join the challenge yet.. sign up here!

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