Thursday, February 14, 2013

Music and Lyrics (6): Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m sure everyone has special plans for today. Not me, though. I’m dateless simply because I don’t have a boyfriend since... ever. Oh, trust me, my mom is just as curious which always lead to awkward conversations with her asking questions like “Isn’t 95% of your class boys?” and me with one syllable answers and a shrug. I mean, I swoon and gush about boys – for a good whole minute. I’m not heartless. Just disinterested. Really, mom? No reason to worry about me, I’m perfectly good. I’d think about it. Later. But for now, I just want to think about skipping a day of school and reading and shopping and planning that party for next week and finding a dress and shoes and sleep. I really need sleep. Biggest perk? No curfew!!! Truthfully, I can’t remember ever having one especially in high school. After all, it’s just not possible to give your 13 year-old daughter a curfew when she goes to school hundred of miles away and only goes home on weekends. Yeah, story of my life.

Anyway, since today is all about love, I thought about sharing this really good song to you. I haven't heard this in a while but when I recently did, I remembered why I liked it in the first place.

Moving Closer
by Never the Strangers

Never the Strangers is a local band though I admit that's not what I thought when I first heard this song.

I was also thinking of reading something that's all about romance like The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. I’m not reading it now, though. Probably later this evening after I’m done with whatever it is I have to do that stops me from enjoying a really nice date with a book.

Well, that’s all for today! Have a lovely *butt shaped* day! HAHA. I'm kidding. If you've read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, it has an even hilarious description of what a heart shape really is.

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