Saturday, January 26, 2013

Me and My Bookshelf (8)

This is where I feature the books I received, bought, gifted or won that are newly added in my physical shelf, which means no e-books and the like. It is usually posted on Saturdays.

I believe this is my first MMB this year. There are a lot of new releases I want to buy but let's face it, I'm a student with no job, I don't want to get myself broke. And I don't like asking my parents to buy anything for me. They do it because they want to, not because I want them to. Besides, if my mom may want to strangle me for splurging on books (even if it's my money I use, in a way) this time my dad might actually join her. Okay, totally kidding. But hey, you never know. They say they can't get me to part with my books. Of course I told them that I go out ALL THE TIME and don't spend the ENTIRETY of my time holed up in my room.

Anyway, these are the books I recently added in my shelf this MONTH.


These 3 are in my TBR pile. I haven't read Blood Red Road and Across the Universe yet. Still, I can't wait to start them soon!

Everneath is the third book I read in 2012. That was pretty much a year ago so I plan on reading it again before I start Everbound.

Bought these just yesterday. Delirium and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight are on my TBR. I read Under the Never Sky last year but my sister has not so I bought a copy so she can (along with Everneath). 

*books are still in their plastic wrappers so nevermind that little hindrance on the spine*

Books mentioned:

That's all. Happy weekend! Don't forget to link me to your own hauls. I'd love to visit. Favorite pastime, remember? Stalking bookshelves?


  1. Wowow!! You bought a lot of new books :) Did you buy those all at the same day? ;) Delirium is great! I promise! :D and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is cute and sweet. Hope you read them very soon. :)

    Coincidentally, we are both in the same situation... I also have a little sister who likes to read books and I use her as the reason to buy a physical copy of the book even though I have read it already ;)

    1. Oh, no. Haha. My mom might have a heart attack if she knew I bought all these in one day. They are my haul for the entire month, I don't plan on buying anything for the meantime.

      I know, right? Sometimes my sister begs me to buy her this book and that. And I'm all like, "Why don't you buy it yourself? I don't have much money, you know." But deep inside I'm all like, "Good idea." LOL! :)

    2. I know the feeling :) Sometimes, mothers are just super villains when buying books. Hahahaha.. and fathers, too. And YAY for little sisters ;)

      I saw The Diviners at NBS a few weeks ago and I really wanted to buy it. It's so thick and it sounds really good. But I didn't have enough money to buy it that day. When I came back a few days later, they were gone!!! I'm looking forward to reading your review about The Diviners :)))

    3. Haha. Thanks. Can't wait to start it. I've been wanting to own a copy of The Diviners since it came out so when I saw a copy I immediately grabbed one. Good thing I have extra money with me. You never know when good books suddenly arrive and easily go out of stock :)


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