Friday, December 21, 2012

Random: Christmas Break

Hello everyone! How's your day going? Today is December 21, the day when the Mayans allegedly said to be the "end of the world" but what do I see when I look out the window? A clear sky and a relatively nice, cool weather.

Anyway, we just had our exams last week which actually ended somewhat funny. Well, why not? No more school to think about for the next few weeks! It's 7.30PM on Friday and we had just finished taking our last exam (Mechanics) for our prelim and everyone is in high spirits. Our exam was a little mind-boggling and the power even went out twice during the test so we were all acting silly afterwards. You'd probably think that's nothing but my major classes consists of 4 girls (including me) and the rest are obviously guys. We're all waiting for each other to finish and then discuss our answer and weekend plans outside the classroom until we decided to go and took the elevator down. The boys teased us and proceeded to jumping inside the elevator where there are like, 15 of us in there. Ugh! Boys. Leave it to them to act all childish. Funny thing though is that the elevator suddenly stopped between floors so the boys were all like, 'ooh, we're trapped!'. If I didn't know better, I'd think they're cool with being stuck inside if it wasn't for their relieved faces when the elevator descended again. It was our turn to crack up then.

Now I'm here and oh-so-free! Well, not really. I have a busy Christmas break ahead. I got a haircut and paid my dentist and acupuncturist a visit yesterday. Today, our club is having an outreach program at a home for the aged. Tomorrow I'm going on an hour ride back to my high school for a reunion and then the day after an overnight party with my classmates (I'm thinking of going shopping later for something to wear). On the 24th I'm going back to my hometown and celebrate Christmas there with my cousins and then return at our house here in the city on the 26th; my sister says she has to review for a quiz bee and has to process her third semester enrollment. That means I'm going to celebrate New Year and my birthday here! That also means I can't do much blogging then. My mom forbid me to bring my laptop anywhere if you can believe it. She says I spend my whole time attached to the hip with it, to which I responded that 'I DON'T'. LOL!

Ohmygod. I'm rambling. Actually, I just wanted to greet you guys today a Happy Not-The-End-of-the-World and in advance - Merry Christmas! :)

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