Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random: Roses

School was back last week, which means I can't avoid having a tight schedule anymore. I have one class that starts at 7.30 in the morning and for the whole week, ends at 8.30PM. Talk about exhausting! Good thing I have a lot of breaks, well, not A LOT, a lot. Just enough to relax my mind and catch up with school works and of course, reading. But truthfully, first day back was a lot of fun eventhough it was very tiring. It's nice to see my friends again and I laughed the whole day with us ending at the mall eating pizza.

Anyway, these beauties are what captures my attention everytime I go out of our house. I can't help it to notice and smile seeing them. And they sure do lift my mood all the time. Feels good just staring at them.

They remind me lot of a lone rose beside our classroom in high school. And I remembered I took a picture of it because it's really beautiful and it sure does stand out, besides the fact that it is the only rose around.

*sigh* I just love flowers. I have to plant more of them! Aren't they beautiful? Oh, and we found this really big butterfly not far from these roses some nights ago.

Cool huh?
Well, that's it for me today. I have to go do my school works now. Happy Sunday!

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