Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Music and Lyrics (4)

I love it when I hear an unfamiliar song randomly, say when I am walking and I hear it playing in the neighborhood's radio or in the mall, in a movie soundtrack, etc. and immediately like it. All I can think is I have to know what song that is, no matter how last year it may be. Even if it is softly playing in the background of a movie; I notice it and that's why I never fail to check a movie's soundtrack afterwards. For me, it's every bit as important as the movie itself.

Rule the World
by Take That
Album: Beautiful World

This song is one of the soundtrack from the movie Stardust. I really love this song. It's perfect for the the movie. You rarely hear this type of music these days and lately I've been listening to a lot of songs I used to listen long time ago. It's nice to hear them again after thousands of more modern and up-beat ones that "rule the world" now. It's very stirring and comforting.


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