Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random: Two Weeks in Hell and Still There

Last day of September. Wow! I vaguely remember saying how it was August already and how time flies so fast. I didn’t even get the chance to welcome September and then all of a sudden it’s ending. And to further prove how fast time for me is the fact that I haven’t posted anything on my blog these past weeks. Since finals are fast approaching here in our school, it’s really hard to find time for other things what with multiple projects, exams and other school activities. To sum it off, these past two weeks have been very hectic, fun, tiring, mind-boggling and productive (in a way). How so?

Third week of September is our University Week which means no class for one week!

Looks fun, right? Unfortunately for me and for my classmates as well, that entire week was spent doing practical quizzes in two of my subjects which I didn’t have much choice for since that’s the only allotted time for us to do it. One week. We are to make an amplifier which is okay but considering that there are almost 30 of us and we have to make our own design that must not be the same with everyone else as well as all the value of electrical components we should use, yeah, tough. And then we are to submit our manual calculations for the circuit and also the expected output Monday that week.  So there I am, designing, etching, drilling, mounting, soldering with endless wires, resistors, capacitors, transistors and whatever as my company. When testing day came, I was shaking my guts out worrying that it might not work. You don’t know how relieved I am when it did! I was ecstatic!

Saturday that week didn’t come free as well. The whole College of Engineering had an acquaintance party which is a lot of fun after 5 stressful days. With all the things that happened the day before, I didn’t really have the strength to get out of bed on Sunday. My whole body was protesting and my eyes are all puffy. Nevertheless, I woke up very early to prepare for yet another activity waiting for me. Since I am the head of the outreach program and a part of our college’s council I can’t actually say no, can I? That day we headed to a community mangrove tourist site, the Balaring Mangrove Sanctuary to extend our help by planting additional mangrove trees.


We were able to plant 1,250 trees!! It was very gratifying.

It doesn’t end there, though. Monday the following week, we have two quizzes finished in the morning and imagine our dismay when we learned later that we have a practical quiz that same day for our Assembly Language Programming class. Picture me dying when our teacher added that we have one practical quiz each day for the rest of the week and also announced that our final project will be submitted Thursday this week complete with our program codes, final working project, not to mention a defense. Talk about cramming! I wasn’t even halfway through my week but I’m totally broke. Our project is to make a digital clock run by a program using a printer port.

Thankfully, the result of our quizzes was all good. We’re not finished yet. We still have a lot to do for the project, and that’s what we’ll be working on this week. Yesterday was quite uneventful save for the seminar I attended for the Gawad Kalinga the whole morning. 

The Gawad Kalinga Mission
Ending poverty for 5 million poor families by 2024:
Land for the Landless.
Homes for the Homeless.
Food for the Hungry.
My sister and I are supposed to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the evening with some friends but our damned cinemas aren’t showing them. If they still won’t this week, we might take a little road trip to watch it somewhere its.. well, showing. Anyway, to catch up a little before this all ends, I posted or plan to post 3 reviews  I managed to write from the mere minutes I can find so watch out for them. If I still have enough time, hopefully I can schedule ahead more posts for this week. 

Okay. Wow, such a long post for someone who allegedly has no time to spare. I’m sorry for all my nonsensical ramblings, I just felt the need to pour it all out or else I’m going to burst. I guess this is my way of coping for all those weeks I was absent on blogging. So bear with me. Mind you, I'm doing this post real fast so forgive me if there are a lot of repetitions or typos. :)
Ooh. Before I forget, Marissa of For the Love of Film and Novels nominated my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award and is featuring it today on her site. I’m soo happy it definitely made my week. I probably won't have the time to feature it here but I really hope I do. If you have time please check it out and see who else is nominated. That's it, for now. Thanks so much! 

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