Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back to School

Summer's done! For me, at least. And I regret to say that I'm so far behind my reading list. I haven't opened a single book these days, which is sad, really. And now I have my classes to occupy me full time. But last week, just before school started, I opted to watch BBC's Sherlock Season 1 and 2.
And I just love this! I haven't read the Sherlock Holmes books so I can't really compare them but the series is awesome! It is set in 21st Century London and each season has 3 episodes, an hour and a half long each. And I certainly can't wait for Season 3, the ending just left me hanging. There isn't a fixed date for Sherlock Season 3 yet. Probably early next year? Ha! That's too long! Well, what can we do but wait?

Anyway, class started last Wednesday and I can't seem to find a reasonable time to really catch up with my reading. On weekends, maybe? That's if school works won't be that many, which is pretty unlikely, what with my schedule:

But studies first, right? Happy weekend! :)

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